Cape Property Renovations is based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa

The company renovates and refurbishes houses to provide the market with a well planned smart property which presents well and allows for a modern family environment.

The added value of our renovated house is based on:

  1. Local Knowledge

  2. Maintaining the principals of the financial model we have adopted

  3. Identifying the potential market value we can sell the renovated property

  4. Remaining focussed in the project in terms of the design fixtures & fittings used

  5. Always giving great attention to detail to the needs of the potential purchaser

Each property during the concept, design, rebuild and project management is personal, as each house is different and we are proud of our product and high quality of finish.




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78C Palmyra Rd

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T: 0216852555

22 Portland Road,
Cape Town,
7700 RSA